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Cassandra Thorburn

Cassandra Thorburn grew up in regional Australia and started working in community radio and newspaper at 13 years of age.

With the desire to go to University firmly entrenched, Cassandra decided on a Bachelor of Teaching degree because her dad (a radio and newspaper journalist and former TV newsreader) told her a journalism degree couldn’t teach her anything he had not already taught her. Right or wrong off she went to do teaching. Life works in mysterious ways but that decision would not ever be a regret.

One of her University tutors was acclaimed children’s book author, Mem Fox who read and wrote for children with such passion it was awe inspiring.

But with journalism in her blood the notion of ever writing a children’s book disappeared when she started working. Cassandra went into journalism and her career saw her work around Australia, in New Zealand and the USA.

By 35 Cassandra was mum to 3 children and her passion for children’s books, especially the art of reading them to children was reignited.

But life was busy and she never got around to it until her husband left the marriage and Cass saw an opening to do something for herself. Well truth be told her close friend Cara Campbell shook her off and said let’s do a course.

Despite all that Cass is really only known in Australia as the ex wife of a breakfast TV host who happily stayed in the shadows for 21 years.

A little known fact though is that Cass worked at the Today Show first.

Cara Campbell

Cara grew up under the foothills of a mountain in country Tasmania, moving to Sydney to study at The University of Sydney in 1992.

She has spent over 20 years working in the corporate sector in the fields of Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

With a large blended family, life is busy so the opportunity to embark on a writing course with Cass was met with much laughter, imagination and learning.

Developing Leo Lion has a special meaning to everyone involved... ‘Every adventure requires a first step’ – Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland.

Jennie Deane

Jennie Deane is an Artist/Illustrator living in the Blue Mountains, with her husband and two young daughters.

From her home studio she creates quirky, whimsical illustrations from her daydreaming imagination. She is inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the Blue Mountains, the play of her young daughters, with a little bit of mischief sprinkled in.

Leo Lion's Big Bed is Jennie's first published children's picture book.