Leo Lion has a new BIG Bed!

Mum, Dad and Leo are excited, until...

Leo finds going to sleep in new, Big Bed is just too hard.

And, Leo doesn't know why.

But someone knows exactly what Leo needs to get a good night's sleep.

Leo Lion's BIG Bed is a story for children transitioning into a big bed and for parents who know just how difficult it is to keep them there all night, EVERY NIGHT!

Cass and Cara signed up for an online Children’s Book writing course in early 2017.

Cass was a newly single mum, a little dazed by the whole thing and increasingly the topic of gossip, thanks to the end of her marriage to an Australian breakfast TV host and the fact she had chosen to stay out of the spotlight.

Cara had the idea to do a writing course and Cass saw the children’s book option and her passion for children’s books from her University days a lifetime before, was instantly reignited.

Once a week they would meet for a long walk and talk about story ideas, plots and characters.

The idea for Leo Lion’s Big Bed grew from many discussions with parents over the years about the issue many children have transitioning from a cot or toddler bed into a big ‘single’ bed.

Most, if not all parents can relate to the half sleep nights when their toddler climbs into bed with them, often sprawling horizontally across the middle of the bed.

Is there an answer to stopping it and really as a parent, do you want to? They eventually grow up and don’t want to be in your bed anyway and before you know it that time has gone and you can’t get it back.

Regardless, a book on the topic seemed like a fun idea.

Almost all children (and some adults) have a security blanket or teddy, a scruffy favoured article they cart with them wherever they go.

Before long Leo Lion and his Bee Bee was taking shape for the authors.

It was then another friend (Hi Bill) who stepped in to introduce them to Blue Mountains artist Jennie Deane who brought him to life depicting his stages of increasing distress as he tackled his sleep problem.

Leo Lion’s Big Bed is the first book by Cass and Cara who daily laugh about future adventures with Bee Bee that he could have.

Jennie also had the magnificent idea to plant the main character of their next book in one of the pages.

Can your child find him. He really is quite out of place.